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Would you like to support us?

Would you like to support us?

Erasmus projects are educational programs that provide opportunities for young people to get to know different cultures, gain new skills and contribute to their personal development. These projects, funded by the European Union, aim to help young people in Turkey cooperate with their peers in Europe and develop their awareness of global citizenship.

We are an association that guides and supports young people who want to participate in Erasmus projects. We also design and run our own projects. In this way, we contribute to the education, employment and social participation of young people.

Would you like to support us too? If so, you can join us in the following ways:

  • You can become a member of our association. By filling out the membership form, you can become a part of our association and participate in our activities.

  • You can donate to our association. With your donations, you can contribute to the sustainability and quality of our projects.

  • You can follow and share our association on social media. So you can help us reach more people and raise awareness.

Thank you for supporting us. Let's work together for a better world!

Become an Association Volunteer

You can join us as a MEKADER Volunteer

Erasmus projects are not only educational but also programs that raise awareness of social problems. It offers many project and activity opportunities for young people who want to make a difference in areas such as climate change, racism and digitalization.

As an association, we want to bring together young people who work and want to work in these fields and support them. You can both improve yourself and contribute to the society by making projects and events with us.

Follow us on Social Media!

If you want to follow the activities, projects and events of our association closely, you can follow us on social media. On our social media accounts, we both share up-to-date information about Erasmus projects and produce content on different topics that may be of interest to young people.

By following us, you will not miss the opportunity to participate in or do Erasmus projects, and you will benefit from our entertaining and instructive content. You can also help us reach more people and raise awareness by sharing us on social media.

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