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Become a Mekader Volunteer

Do you also want to meet different cultures, study and learn in foreign countries? Then, being a Mekader volunteer is for you!

Mekader is an association that enables young people to study abroad and meet different cultures within the scope of the European Union Erasmus program. The main purpose of the association is to inform, educate and introduce young people to different cultures. In this way, young people can expand their worldviews, learn languages, and develop themselves by encountering different worldviews.

As the volunteers of the Mekader Association, you can support the youth on this path. By providing information about the Erasmus program, you can inform young people about the program and help them prepare projects. You can also improve your foreign language skills by participating in the activities organized by the association and meeting different cultures. In this way, while improving yourself, you will also benefit young people.

In addition, active Mekader volunteers are in priority candidate status in the application evaluation of Erasmus projects.

Let's study together

You can apply by filling out the form. The volunteers of the association will contact you as soon as possible.

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